So what is “Breathwork” really?

Well, it isn’t very different than regular breathing except that you’re doing it with so much more focus and intention. 

When you actually stop and think about it, breathing is an essential (and obvious!) part of everyday life. Breathing is beautiful… yet it’s often taken for granted because our bodies just do it naturally for us, an oftentimes automatic “happening” whether we’re asleep or awake.

This is great! We breathe all the time, isn’t it wonderful to have one less thing to worry about?

To this I say, yes and no… because learning how to take the very best care of our bodies does in large part include using focus and intention with our breath. When done correctly, it can create and magnify who you are at your core! This work resonates deep inside where there is no outside stress burdening or weighing you down.

It has been known to release and free emotions that have been hidden in your subconscious mind, often found trapped behind shallow breathing practices that you hadn’t even noticed yourself engaging in because you’re too busy and overwhelmed juggling career and family responsibilities.

Experiencing these emotions can be scary at first. It does take some courage and determination to accept the fact that you probably need to take some time for yourself and to just go ahead and press the pause button already.

And so, you find yourself here. Congratulations!

In this limitless space, possibilities are waiting patiently for you to discover and nurture what is available to you. Here is where you find that breathing with intention can be one of the many resources that actually works for you. 

Let’s explore further…

In this practice, you will be laying down on a yoga mat with a blanket covering you while you do a 2-step form of controlled Pranayama Breath for about 25 to 30 minutes. From start to finish, I facilitate and support you with verbal guidance, physical assurance (if face-to-face), crystal frequency assistance, and therapeutic essential oils to promote airway cavity circulation. 

This is an Active Breathwork Meditation that requires you to be fully present, and as such, can be quite transformative as it forces you to stop the brain chatter and opens up the higher mind instead. Many people experience a “letting go” and start to feel much more at peace and relaxed.
Once the “active” part of the breathwork is done, we rest for about 15 to 20 minutes where I continue to support your delicious experience with healing sound therapy– an intuitive blend of many musical options that change depending upon the tenor of the meditation, and can include: gong, crystal bowls, and other essential sound therapy instruments.

This Breathwork is powerful!

Give yourself the opportunity to let go, feel lighter, and enjoy the wide open space around you. If you let it, you will find that it also offers you more patience, more joy, and a more optimistic perspective.

Please take a moment and look around, the FAQ section has much to offer a curious mind! Anyone and everyone can benefit from Breathwork!!

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