My Work Life

I am a woman, a mom, a partner who has had one heck of a life journey juggling life, family and career maybe just like you.

Before I left the corporate arena, I held many positions in several financial institutions like Wells Fargo and HSBC.  Working the usual 10 to 12 hour days.  Ironic banking hours, right?  You know what those days are like, the weekly early morning conference calls, quarterly meetings in downtown Los Angeles, meetings with bankers, meetings with clients, flying out of state to attend conferences.  It’s now a blur and a natural sense of wonder of how I could possibly fit so much in so little time.  Always chasing sales numbers.  Always in a hurry.  Never fully taking care of myself.  Then the day before Thanksgiving in 2012, at the peak of my career in downtown LA, my office closed. I was left with more questions than answers.  What am I going to do?  What just happened?  Where am I going to find my next job and what do I want to do?

A month later after the smoke settled, the abuse I had put my body through began to make its appearance.  The daily stress and rigorous routine showed up.  This little body of mine just finally broke down and took me spiraling down a black tunnel with it.  I needed carpal tunnel surgery on both hands, and an ulnar nerve transposition.  I was diagnosed with a million things that just made my left shoulder yelling with sharp pain.  A lot of it.

After the 2 surgeries, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with stitches and a sling.  No margaritas.  As the healing process began complications left me with a frozen shoulder that lasted way over 15 weeks and regardless of the different types of physical therapy, my shoulder would not budge.  I was miserable.  Suffering with my chronic pain and sulking in misery.  I started to look for alternative healing methods and options that needed to be explored.  There was a new world of healing that brought some hope back into my life.

My Journey 

Through my  research I found quite a few alternative therapies that I explored.  Life Coaching, Reiki, Rolfing, Hellerwork, and Somatic Experiencing are some where I was invited to deal with emotions that I was too distracted to pay attention to.  I learned how to practice letting go of limiting beliefs that kept me small, to create boundaries in my life and I started to experiment with doing things that were outside of my comfort zone.  I learned to read Oracle Cards.  I started to do donation only community events and learned to do fast 10 minute readings getting quite good at reading them.  As a certified Reiki 2 practitioner, I learned to play with energy and really pay attention and listen to my instincts.  After a class in aromatherapy with Wisdom of the Earth plus 2 intensives with Crystal Camp I became more connected to the frequency of Mother Earth’s gifts: crystals, gems, flowers, nature.

Then one day, I received an invitation to go do an Active Breathwork Meditation on the West Side of LA and my whole emotional, physical and spiritual shifted with that experience.  I did one last private Breathing Meditation with David Elliott, a teacher and practitioner in LA, and that experience opened me up to the idea of becoming a facilitator.  So I took the intensives.  At the same time I did a deep beginner course in Somatic Experiencing and I became certified in Shamanic and Energetic Life Coaching.  With those classes under my belt I felt so empowered and now, with my practice I’ve tailored them to include much of what I’ve learned and have personalized it so that it fits my style and those that I serve.

You know, the journey never ends.  It just shifts.

Which brings me here.  Today.  Working toward helping others deal with their every day, however that may come up for them.  To help guide as I stand witness to the shifts that occur when we allow the breath to connect us to our higher selves.  I have the privilege to witness those who are ready to take control over their lives and live life instead of allowing life to just live itself.  And this is my take away.  To ebb and to flow and to choose to love, to witness and to hold space so that others can be inspired to heal their lives one breath at a time. I look forward to working with you soon. Please enjoy looking around and ask questions.