The Breath


It is something that we all do.  But have you ever been curious?  Could there be more to this rhythmic inhale and exhale that we all do every day without any thought?

The answer is yes, and it is also, no.  Are you surprised?  I have found that many of my clients have experienced one of these or both at some point.  Some of them come and are ready to experience the breath, they open up and allow themselves to relax and to let go.  When they are done they express much more energy, the feeling of aliveness, increased joy and creativity.  Some have even expressed physical, emotional, and mental healing and well-being.  Those that don’t usually have something that is blocking them from opening up.  What kind of things are those?  Well, they range from fear to feeling a bit overly conscious of their experience of breathing in a group.  I mean really…it can be a bit intimidating when you have never done this before or if something troubling is racing through your mind!  So sometimes they will dismiss the experience by expressing how they are new to this breathing thing or how they could not focus and relax.  However, a bit of a nudge from me and if the opportunity is there, we book a session to breathe in private.  Once in private we work at clearing some of those blockages that are not allowing them  to open their hearts and we breathe.  They get to have their own personal experience with the breath after all.

You should come and join me.  We can breathe in a circle or if you prefer, we can breathe in private.  We can Skype.  All you need to do is be present and ready to open your heart, and just be open to have an experience.

What an adventure it can be!

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