As a Certified Shamanic and Energetic Life Coach I integrate my skills with the power of the breath to assist those that are seeking to dive further into themselves.  We take a look at behavioral patterns, belief systems, core desired feelings, and create a safe space to explore and expand.  Together we come up with a plan to work through challenges and incorporate them into daily living.

One of the best things about working privately is that we can get results instantly.  Quantum healing is part of the amazing work that we can dive into with Breathwork.  If you are ready to dive deeper into your practice and include some Shamanic and Energetic work please contact me to schedule a private session.  We start with an Oracle Card reading or a Crystal Energetic Chakra Balancing and we focus on an intention of your choice.  We can do this at the Go Inward studio, at my Home or over Skype.  I do have packages available if you are interested.  You can book these directly if you download the Go Inward App on your smartphone or contact me directly so we can sync our calendars.

Private sessions can be done at your convenience during normal business hours or after business hours and weekends if we can sync our calendars. Sessions are normally about an hour and a half.

Private Session