I’ve been blessed to have done 5 breathe work sessions with Uhkare. Each session has been different but all have been POWERFUL & AMAZING! Uhkare creates an environment that is supportive, allowing you to go on a journey unique to yourself. For me, it’s a spiritual experience rich with symbols, colors, visions and intense body vibration…On a scale of 1-10, it’s about a 15, without any drugs, just crystals, scents, music and Uhkare’s soothing voice. I’m looking forward to doing it again and again and again…

– F. Togneri, Long Beach, CA

Akary is a skilled and knowledgeable guide! Doing breathwork with her, I moved a lot of blocked energy out, had physical symptoms of relapse and then had immediate clarity about a project I’d been stuck on. I’m looking forward to exploring this healing modality in greater depth because breath is life and breathwork is the new yoga. Thank you so much for your incredible guidance.

– E. Pereira, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Hi Uhkare! I just wanted to thank you for leading such a beautiful meditation on Saturday. I can’t begin to describe the weight lifted and clarity received. I’m looking forward to the next one and the next…..

– D. Necessary Huntington Beach, CA

So wonderful! I am kind of glad I didn’t know what to expect, I think that made the experience flow naturally. It was so raw…I have no words… amazing!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– M. Goodfellow, Guilford, CT

I am so glad I met Akary through this online world! Her passion for mind and body wholeness combined with her inspirational messages set the tone for her amazing work. My first time trying Breathwork with Akary, I was completelyope to the idea yet wasn’t sure what to expect. She spent an hour with me via FaceTime and I honestly haven’t slept better than I did that night. I have never been so relaxed and yet rejuvenated at the same time. Thank you, Akary! You have a true gift!

– K. Ruhe, Jasper, IN

Akary! YOU are an awesome instructor and your class is transformative. I am grateful. Thank you. I would love to come to your next class!

– T. Pruzek, Long Beach, CA

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Akary is both as a healer and a human being! I had the pleasure of meeting her at a market I sell at and was really taken with her kind and loving energy. I began following her on Instagram and checking out amazing tales of her classes and private sessions. I may have been a bit skeptical at first as there are so many self-proclaimed healers and modalities out there. I am super selective about who I will do healing work with and am sadly not very trusting as I have come across some healers that really need the healing. Akary would share with me about her classes and I found her passion for her life’s work to be very intriguing. I discovered that Akary is the real deal as she does her own healing work before attempts to help others heal. I have such great respect for her.
I went to one of her group sessions at Go Inward in Long Beach and what an amazing healing space! You walk in and immediately feel the loving intentions that are imbued within its walls. The owner of the space also has amazing and Genuine energy. I immediately felt safe which is a big deal for me. Akary had the most wonderful music playing while we did the breath work- not just your usual woo-woo fare but music that was selected with care and purpose. I was completely blown away at how much releasing I did that first night and got in touch with some profound information about myself that was game changing. I immediately said after the class “let’s do it again”. This is unusual for me as someone who is constantly on a healing path of processing and releasing, I often get uncomfortable and don’t want to keep doing the work. Akary’s facilitation of the breath work makes processing a joy- even when I have to push through some dark stuff. She is such a genuinely caring, humble, kind and loving person and I am very blessed to know her and have her help and guidance on my life’s path. Thank you Akary!
– Anais B., Newport Beach, CA